Journal Articles

“This Rally is not Authorized”: Preventive Repression and Public Opinion in Electoral Autocracies. Forthcoming in World Politics.

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Working Papers 

Endogenous Popularity: How Perceptions of Support Affect the Popularity of Authoritarian Regimes (with Noah Buckley, Kyle Kyle L. Marquardt and Ora John Reuter). R&R.

Varieties of Indoctrination (V-Indoc): Introducing a Global Dataset on the Politicization of Education and the Media (with Anja Neundorf, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, and Wooseok Kim).

State Violence and Target Group Adaptation: Keeping up with the Joneses in the Face of Repressions in Soviet Russia (with Tomila Lankina and Alexander Libman). R&R.

The long-term effects of voting for autocracy: Evidence from Russia (with Ksenia Northmore-Ball ). R&R.

Other Publications 

The invasion of Ukraine has upended Russian Education. Washington Post, The Monkey Cage. September 14, 2022.

How popular is Putin, really? Washington Post, “The Monkey Cage”. April 13, 2022.

Russia May be About to Invade Ukraine. Russians’ Don’t Want It. Washington Post, “The Monkey Cage”. February 11, 2022.

The Kremlin has a new toolkit for shutting down independent news media. Washington Post, “The Monkey Cage”. June 29, 2021. 

COVID and reverse remittancesLSE Business Review. June 3, 2021. Reprinted by the World Economic Forum

How migrant remittances affect government September 27, 2018 (in Russian)